In the summer of 2008, I spent a month in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian province, China, teaching and performing at the Fujian Normal University. This was an incredibly fun month, full of hard work, some study in Mandarin, some wonderful friendships made, and all the result of a friendly invitation from a colleague, Wen DeQing, who is now on the composition faculty of the Shanghai Conservatory. Wen and I met at the Darmstadt Festival of New Music in 1998, and by chance ran into each other again at Beijing New Music Festival in 2005. Three years later, I found myself teaching in China. Incredibly grateful for these experiences and these memories. And a VERY BIG THANKS to my wonderful colleague at FNU, Li Lin (photo above, lower left with white t-shirt).

I published an article in Percussive Notes about my experiences there. I wrote it in a very fun style heavily under the influence of the excellent American China correspondent for the New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal, Peter Hessler. He is excellent. (Thank you, Janet Hathaway!)