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Practice Log – August 5, 2016

Some passages are possible to learn quickly, like running water. Others take their time. One must pass through them with patience, calm, and the ability to think like the composer and parse the passage into meaningful gestures/phrases/chunks. And so I’ve come to Vertebrae’s “letter K.” Lunsqui – Vertebrae Today’s work – K through the first measure […]

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Practice Log – August 4, 2016

Progress takes its own time. One cannot hurry the learning process. Staying in the moment is the only way forward.   Scratch Data – Successful review of each of pages 1 through 4. Less success putting all four pages together. TOMORROW: pages 1+2. then pages 3+4. Then pages 1-4. If problems, locate them and iron […]

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Practice Log, August 1, 2016

“The unexamined life is not worth living! Well, the examined life is no sure bet.” – memorable paraphrase from recent film trailer “Learning to be present in and to enjoy each moment…practice is every step, every breath.” – paraphrase, Thich Nhat Han I really do love practice when it reaches the level of ritual. A […]

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