Practice Log, August 1, 2016

“The unexamined life is not worth living! Well, the examined life is no sure bet.” – memorable paraphrase from recent film trailer

“Learning to be present in and to enjoy each moment…practice is every step, every breath.” – paraphrase, Thich Nhat Han

I really do love practice when it reaches the level of ritual. A sense of intimacy with the notes, with the instruments, with the gestures. Memories of past teachers’s voices in my mind…teachings…honoring the past, staying in the present, planning for the future with calm and with hope. Growing more deeply calm and hopeful through daily practice.

So…let’s get this party started!

Today’s work:

Raphäel Cendo – Scratch Data

  1. Memorized page 4.
  2. Broke into four chunks (A,B,C,D…65-71; 70-75; 73-80; 79-84). Note overlap to aid memory.
  3. A, B, A+B; C, D, C+D. ABCD.
  4. 40%-80%
  5. TOMORROW: Review backwards.
    1. pp. 3; 3+4;
    2. 2; 1; 1+2;
    3. 1+2+3+4 if time

Alexandre Lunsqui – Vertebrae

  1. Review, memory of pp. 6-7; sections E-I.
  2. Conscious enjoyment of the brushing motion on tubes and bars at F. Make each sweep long…stay on each tube ALAP to create gestural crescendo.
    1. Relearn J.
    2. Review E-J.
    3. Review Top-E.
    4. Top-J if time

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