Practice Log – August 4, 2016

Progress takes its own time. One cannot hurry the learning process. Staying in the moment is the only way forward.


Scratch Data –

  1. Successful review of each of pages 1 through 4.
  2. Less success putting all four pages together.
    1. pages 1+2.
    2. then pages 3+4.
    3. Then pages 1-4.
    4. If problems, locate them and iron them out.


  1. Yesterday’s work was exciting.
    1. Successful review of top to K, approx. 3/5 of the piece.
    2. Sent video of this much to Lunsqui for comments.
    3. TODAY:
      1. begin working on section K.
      2. consider Lunsqui’s feedback…connecting rolls, slightly dampening tubes, more dynamic flair at end of bar scrapes.

Stay positive!

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