Practice Log – August 5, 2016

Some passages are possible to learn quickly, like running water. Others take their time. One must pass through them with patience, calm, and the ability to think like the composer and parse the passage into meaningful gestures/phrases/chunks. And so I’ve come to Vertebrae’s “letter K.”

Lunsqui – Vertebrae

  1. Today’s work – K through the first measure of 119 (9/8…actually think in 3 bars of 3/8). Up to 45% of tempo.
  2. Tomorrow:
    1. Learn the second bar of next section, 120.
    2. 119-120 push tempo calmly up to tempo.
    3. Back to K-129. Push tempo calmly, see where you arrive.

Breathe! Remain patient! Let the music sink into the mind and body naturally!

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